Genetic Analysis

We are entering an age of data in medicine. Making that data relevant and accessible for patient care is a challenge which Cambridge Precision Medicine is rising to, as we believe that the results of genetic screening can help clinicians and their patients make better choices about healthcare.

We sequence the whole genome (or exome), so as to generate the largest possible repository of information consistent with the needs of the clinician. As such screening yields large amounts of data, we add value to the process by bringing our experience and knowledge to bear on the interpretation of that data, distilling it down from the equivalent of about ten million pages into a concise output, focusing on actionable results.

The nature of genetics itself, and of the work we do, means that our products are not intended to be diagnostic in nature. Rather, we perform screening, delivering focused analysis to the clinician which can be either general, across many areas, or focused on the clinicians areas of interest.

Once we have provided our initial analysis, we store the sequenced raw data unless the clinician tells us otherwise. This is so that the sequenced genome (or exome) can continue to be a source of information, readily available to quickly answer questions which may continue to arise through the ongoing dialogue between the clinician and the patient.

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