We are committed to supporting the advancement of genomics knowledge. We are conducting our own research, which we will continue to publish. We also collaborate with others, especially in Cambridge, to organise events that bring people together to create new ideas and keep the science and practice of genetics moving forward.



Personal Genomics

Personal Genomics: Accessing, Sharing and Interpretation

Cambridge Precision Medicine collaborated with the Wellcome Genome Campus to organise this conference; one of the first of its kind. The conference took place in April at the Genome Campus, and is already creating follow up interest, including an upcoming feature in Frontiers in Genetics.

 Cambridge University Health Partners

Cambridge University Health Partners

We were invited to attend a session hosted by Cambridge University to discuss how the NHS will work with industry and research in order to realise the new NHS ten-year plan. Of particular note was the discussion about the upcoming focus on preventative medicine as a way of keeping people healthy while at the same time efficiently managing resources.

 Recent publications

Recent publications

The most recent publication that our staff members have been involved with is the European Journal of Human Genetics, on ‘Phenotype-loci associations in networks of patients with rare disorders: application to assist the diagnosis of novel clinical cases’. Read more here.